Thumb rules of sanitization and safety (at home and outside)


We understand that hand wash and social distancing are important to stay safe and uninfected during this pandemic. But according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Trusted Source, the use of an alcohol-based hand sanitizer with minimum 60-70 percent alcohol is, must. Due to the rapid spread of COVID-19, most of the retailers are unable to supply it.

Besides, there are many more small-small points that we are ignoring and may spread the infection. I have been working in the field of microbiology for the last 11 years and we have some basic rules to maintain while doing such experiments to keep things clean to avoid the spread of the infection outside of the laboratory. You can also follow them and keep yourself and your family safe.

  • Wash hand

Make sure whenever you are coming home or office, the first thing is to wash hand thoroughly (20-30 sec minimum). Prefer to use a soap bar than liquid soap.

  • How to make sanitizer and alcohol wipes at home?

You need the following:

  • Isopropyl or rubbing alcohol (99 percent alcohol volume) from any online store.
  • Glycerin or aloe vera gel (optional)

Ideally, it should be 70% ethanol. But Isopropyl or rubbing alcohol would work with the same efficacy, so no worries.

To prepare the hand sanitizer (100 ml) take 70 ml of Isopropyl or rubbing alcohol and add 25 ml of water (clean water) and 5 ml of glycerin or aloe vera gel. If you don’t have glycerin or aloe vera gel, you can simply add 5 ml water.

For grocery and other households: You can simply make 70% Isopropyl or rubbing alcohol in water and fill it in the spray bottle (that you must have seen at a barber shop). So, every time you get something from outside, prefer to sanitize the surfaces.

Remember to leave sanitizer for a minimum of 10-15 sec. So that it can react with the virus and kill them.

I also keep a small spray bottle in my pocket and use this sanitizer often whenever I am traveling in metro trains, buses, or visiting banks, post offices, or hospitals.

Alcohol wipes: You can use good quality tissue paper and cut into small pieces (6×6 inches) and soak it with 70% sanitizer and put them in Ziplock or a small leakproof polybag. You can carry these wipes in your handbag or pockets and use them wherever it is required, such as in restrooms, in buses, metro, flights, trains, or any public place used by so many people.

  • Take bath

Whenever you are coming from the office, hospitals, vaccine center, diagnosis lab, or from the market directly go in the bathroom, soak your clothes in detergent and leave for at least 30 min. Once you apply soap or shampoo, leave it for 3-5 min minimum so that detergent can kill the virus and bacteria.

  • How to sanitize grocery and food items?

It is not yet reported that food items can spread the infection or not. But You can keep the precautions. Specially when you buy packets or plastic or metal items from outside, you can wipe the surfaces with 70/60% sanitizer and leave them at least for 5-10 min. Let them dry automatically.

**Remember no need to spray sanitizer on the food/ vegetables or other edible items. You can wash vegetables/ fruits under running water or soak in 5% salt solution (edible home salt).

  • Social distancing and masks:

Most of us don’t know that how to wear a mask. It’s very simple, make sure it covers your nose and mouth. No air should circulate from the side. Therefore, it is recommended to wear one N-95 mask or two masks (surgical mask covered with regular cloth mask). If you do not have a mask at home, just make 4-5 layers of a think cloth and wrap it around your face, tightly!

You should not remove it when you are outside or around other people. Even if you are vaccinated, do not remove it. You may get another infection with a mutant variant of the virus.

Also, keep 6 feet distance from other people. This social distancing will help you to be out of the infection circle. Because if someone sneezes or coughs, they may spread the infectious particles around them, and scientifically it is proven that it can not fly more than 6 feet. So, maintain that distancing, but still put the MASK ON.

  • What else can bring the infections? Shoes, touching the front part of the mask, shipments, and mails, etc.

Your shoes, dirty shipments, doorknobs, phone, tools, vehicles, pets, and sports items can also bring the infection. Make sure to wipe them with 70% sanitizer or wash them frequently. Once touched, sanitize your hand before touching another surface, your face, or food.

You can keep a small spray bottle near your shoe rack or door and just spray few drops whenever you are touching your shoes or anything like that.

You can also use Lysol or other cleaning agents (5-10% solution) to mop your fresh and points of contact. Make sure that you are following all instructions for the dilution of these chemicals and let it be wet for 5-10  min.

  • Stop listening to “Social Media Doctors” and consult a real doctor.

Do not believe any “social media doctors and rumors”. Read reliable government sources or talk to your doctor for a proper consultation. Prefer not to use those medications that were not approved by regulatory bodies of the governments. It can make the situation worse. Ayurveda or other lines o medication may have some robust treatment, but they can not deal with the severe symptom that needs immediate treatment.

Once again I would like to repeat that: “use 70% whenever you are touching dirty or public surfaces, wash hands often, clean your house with proper antibacterial agents or soap, washcloths when you come from a crowded place, wear a mask, social distancing, and no rumors, talk to a proper doctor.” I wish you all good health and more happy time.

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